Drawing So many dragonflies!/ view 1 by Madeline Naranjo

So many dragonflies!/ view 1

A reversed seed pot, meaning it has a small hole on the bottom of the piece rather than on the top. This pot shows dragonflies in flight encompassing this pot. Dragonflies are said to be the messengers of those who have passed on. If you see a dragonfly in an odd place...it just might be a loved one coming to whisper in you ear! I had an experience last summer while looking over my garden. I was thinking of my uncle and remembering what he would say about planting watermelons, tips to grow the best ones! All of the sudden a blue dragonfly showed up!! I don't live close to a water source, so I took it as him visiting and reassuring me that I was doing a good job with those watermelons and garden in general. On a side note I had SOOOO many watermelons this past year, and my garden provided plenty for my family.
Measures 3 7/8"x 4"

view 1