Photography petroglyph selfie by Madeline Naranjo

petroglyph selfie

This piece has a story, as most people pots have a story behind them. The pot is inspired by the "selfies" we all take these days, each photo that is captured is usually taken because we are capturing a moment or a memory. This particular image is carved into clay which is technically rock, therefore, a petroglyph of sorts haha, hence the title.

 As you view the pictures following, you will see an image of 2 ladies taking a selfie with a younger girl watching the two ladies posing, next is 4 girls enveloped within one another's arms, this scene is inspired by my daughters and is a pose they often take. The next image is 2 boys, one older one younger, this images are inspired by son and grandson. The last image shows a lady and a man, which is inspired by a pose Danny and I tend to do. haha Dimensions 6 3/8"x 6 1/4"