Drawing In honor of my grandma/ view 1 by Madeline Naranjo

In honor of my grandma/ view 1

This piece shows 2 water serpents, the top serpent is my style. I usually shape my serpents around the pot, but the body will be simple, like shown. My grandma on the other hand would create “ traditional” style serpents that hold symbolism within their body. I recreated her serpent from a pot I have of hers, and yes I found it difficult to recreate it. I think I did ok with drawing her work. The designs on the bottom serpent are showing the head, the body flows to the mountains, then showing the wind blowing toward the mountains, back to the body and repeating the mountains and wind, ending with the tail of the serpent.It’s a reflective piece, showing me and my grandma side by side. Measures 3 3/4”x 4”