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Greetings everyone!

My name is Madeline E. Naranjo and I am from Santa Clara Pueblo. I have been potting for about 25 years now. When I write that I think, wow...thats along time! ha ha


I learned how to make pottery as many of our youngesters in the pueblo learn, by watching. My grandmother Madeline Naranjo (yup, Im named after her) would be making pottery and she was my first teacher. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents home when I was growing up. After school, evenings, and summer days my family would go to see my grandma and grandpa daily. If my grandma was making pottery she would encourage me to play with the clay, hopefully making something!

  As I got older I began to once again play with the clay, this time it was to try to make a living for my newly started family. I wish I could say I was a natural at this, but I wasn't; I struggled to get a nice polish/sheen to my pots. At this time I met a new teacher, Julie Gutierrrez, she sat with me and showed me (patiently) how to go over the pots, and how to get a nicer finish than I had  before. I am always gratful to the my grandma and Julie for heping me. Once I got the hang of things, there was no stopping me! I am constanly striving to refine my work. My pots are designed with images that I may encounter everyday, some are inspired from my family or communtiy.You may find clouds, buffalo, dragonflies, or people encircling my pieces.

I hope you enjoy my website and visit often! I will update new works once they are completed, and will share any art shows I maybe showing at or demonstrations I

 will be conducting.

Have a lovely day!