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Hello all, 

I hope this message finds everyone doing well and staying as safe as possible during these crazy times. 
A bit of news to share, sadly, I wil share that we lost my grandma Madeline Naranjo (Sr.) on November 3, 2020. she lived a very long life, to the age of 104! My grandma began potting about the age of 14, and her introduction into the clay world was from her aunt who would ask her to help her work on pots. My grandma had told me, she would give me pots and say "my child, help me and put designs on these" my grandma said she would say she was afraid haha that what if she didn't put a good design! Her aunt would laugh and tell her to try and that whatever she put would be good.  From there she continued on with potting, and created a career from it that help support her family. She retired from her pottery at age 98, and only because she would say the clay made her cold and she would fall asleep during the polishing process haha. When I would take my work up to her house, on days that I would "grandma sit" she would tell me stories of her lifetime experience creating, and how she wished she could still make pottery. Because of her work, she 
helped inspire me to continue on her legacy.  It has been rough moving forward, from the loss. I am trying, and have found some comfort in resuming my work with the mother Clay. I know my grandma is still by my side as I work, encouraging me from the great beyond! 

I am a participant in the virtual Indian market this year, pots are coming along, slowly. Keep checking in, as I anticipate the first pieces to launch this coming week ( December 1 or 2) and as they are done they will be available, I wont have much, to end the year with. Grab them while you can haha.