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Greetings all,

It has been a long streach of of time since I shared any information! The shows in December we such great experiences, I enjoyed my time out in Washington DC. It was very different from my home area of the southwest, bt my family and I embraced every moment out there and visited as many sites as possible!

We returned home, and a couple of days later I demonstrated at my good friend Mert's gallery Pottery of the Southwest, I had the chance to meet some fun and interesting people there. Onward I pushed and completed the year with the Santa Fe Indian Winter Market, which was also a wonderful show to end 2019 with. At each show/event I had the chance to meet and talk with new customers/collectors.

On to 2020, the year has started with all of its usual hustle and bustle here in my home "studio" and it seems that I have hardly had time to slow down and smell the juniper! Haha Those of you with allergies won't laugh at that (sorry) I recently received my acceptance letter into the Santa Fe Indian market, I will be a happy and proud participant! I have a few other shows in mind that I am planning to apply for as the applications become availabl, I'll do my best to keep the website updated with the upcoming shows and events. I July I have a demonstration set at Lyn Fox gallery in Santa Fe NM...and many other fun things up my sleeves! 
Until next time, and as always I thank you and appreciate everyone who supports me and my clay babies! Happy Spring... or is it?