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Back in April I was asked if I could be portrayed by a student as a well known New Mexico person, The student was to share information about me in a living wax museum!


I have never thought of myself in that way, but I was very honored to have been asked and portrayed. The young lady who portrayed me began by asking me a set of questions and getting to know me a bit. May is said to bring flowers, but this time it brought showday! When visitors came up to any student they shared a brief tidbit of information about their person. Some big name/reknowned personalities represented were folks like author Rudolfo Anaya, Singer Demi Lovato, Po'Pay the religous leader from Ohkay Owingeh and part of the Pueblo Revolt, infamous Billy the Kid and Pat Garret just to name a few, you can see why I was so honored!? Those people are wayyyyy famous haha. It was a fun day, and something I will never forget!