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Hi there,

I haven't updated my website and i do apologize for it seeming to have been abandoned! It wasn't. My last updated blog, I had said that 2018 was going to be a great year, it started offto be the worst nightmare...On January 3, we unepectedly lost my younger brother, it was so unexpected, sudden and, completely devestating. I really didn't feel like working for many months.

I have gotten back to work and I can say I am surviving his loss. I never thought I would! While I am creating again, I feel slow haha but I guess all good things come in time? Life is continuing and I have been accepted into the Santa Fe Indian Market in August, that has been my main focus lately. I also have been working on completeing orders. So, place  your orders now haha!

I will try not to be such a stranger as the summer months smile down on us! Have a wonderful day!