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Hi everyone!

I have some new work up on the site and all are available!

Let me update you all on the latest news, I survived the Market! I also walked away from this years show with a AWESOME first place ribbon! 

This year I added a "summer series" of ornaments. The 2 I have right now are in the hands of an awesome up-and-coming jewler, Ryan J. Vallo, and he is adding some jewlers magic to them! Stay tuned for those pieces as they are completed.

Next, I have added a page titled "Featured guest artist" I want to help fellow artist out with some technology haha, Im not all knowing, but its a little help lol!  The first featured artist is my aunt Frances Naranjo, she has been a potter for about 35 years now and does black carved pots with traditional designs. Take a look at tht tab and see her beautiful pots!

If you ever have questions or comments please send them, I do answer! Take care