Hi everyone!

I have some new work up on the site and all are available!

Let me update you all on the latest news, I survived the Market! I also walked away from this years show with a AWESOME first place ribbon! 

This year I added a "summer series" of ornaments. The 2 I have right now are in the hands of an awesome up-and-coming jewler, Ryan J. Vallo, and he is adding some jewlers magic to them! Stay tuned for those pieces as they are completed.

Next, I have added a page titled "Featured guest artist" I want to help fellow artist out with some technology haha, Im not all knowing, but its a little help lol!  The first featured artist is my aunt Frances Naranjo, she has been a potter for about 35 years now and does black carved pots with traditional designs. Take a look at tht tab and see her beautiful pots!

If you ever have questions or comments please send them, I do answer! Take care

Hello all,

You're invited to a demonstration!!


On August 18,2017 I will be demonstrating pottery making from 12-2pm at:



419 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM  87501


I hope if you are in the area you will stop by and see how the "donuts" are made haha and just to say hi!


On August 19-20 I will be participating in the Santa Fe Indian Market booth 262 PAL-N.

I hope to see you there!

Hello everyone!

The months have seemed to continue to fly by, and now it is almost APRIL! I just wanted to share a bit of fun news that is coming up over the next few months.

I recieved news that I have been accepted to Santa Fe Indian Market, and work for that show will begin in a couple of months. I am planning of making some ornaments for that show, along with some spectacular pots! Hey, I gotta toot my horn sometimes haha

I will be hosting some pottery demonstrations in my home throughout the summer months, and this is something I find enjoyable. I get a chance to share what I love, my job haha also show the process live in person to visitors, and most importantly I can answer questions!

So, it seems I will have some busy months ahead! Until next time!!

Greetings all,

It has been a busy start to the new year! I finally did manange to get work going and a chance to update the website with some pictures. That in its self is work lol. I've done the second story piece where I am telling anotehr persons story on a pot. Im sad I haven't figured out how to load the video on here, but if you are a facebooker look at my page and it is there. Both are actually. I have a piece I've put under new works that I'm particullarly happy with. I've dreamt of doing a piece like it for sometime,so to see it come to life, it is very exciting!!

be well, be happy, and always enjoy life! until next time

Hi there!

Something a bit new for me, Christmas ornaments! This will be the "first edition" pieces. The photo above is showing pieces still in the works. The pots all mesure under 1 1/2" the egg shapes are hollow and have been designed now, the flat plate like pieces are going to be collaborative pieces with my children and grandson. The finished pieces will be posted upon completion! Keep checking in and have a wonderful day!

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to let you know I will be participating in an art show in December. It is the SWAIA winter market and will be held on December 16-18 at the La Fonda Hotel located in beautiful downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you are going to be traveling into New Mexcio for the holidays try and make it out to the show! I hope to see you in December!

I will update all of the information when I find out my booth assignment.

It has been awhile since I've written! I survived the indian Market craziness I put myself through ha ha, it was a very good show and  I was awarded 2nd place in the catagory I competed within! For that I was super excited and just that on its own made the show great!

Hello all,

Thereis new work up on the page and I have been busy working on new pots! Indian Market is just around the cornor and I need to prepare! Keep checking in here or on my facebook page to see work in progress.