March 2-3 I attended the Heard Museum Indian Fair in Phoenix, AZ. It was my first time attending and I have to say...IT WAS AN AWESOME experience!! I made it to Phoenix in time to enter some pieces, but saddly I did not place. It was OK, I'll try again next year, YES I anticipate applying again! 

The firt couple of months of 2019 have been spent preparing for that show, and now that the craziness has subsided I will begin working on some "vision" pieces! Every so often I have dreams of pots and I try to create what I dreamt on the look out for some new things! Winter has be long and cold, and I am looking forward to spring and her warmth! 

Until next blog, be well!

Hello everyone,

I have recieved my booth assignment for the winter market. I will be in the New Mexico room, table 214! This event is to be held in Santa Fe, NM at the La Fonda Hotel December 14,15,&16 Fridays show time is 6pm-9pm, Saturday is 9am-5pm and Sunday is 10am-3pm. I hope you will be able to join in the winter fun! 

Greetings everyone!


I am pleased to share that I will be participating in 2 shows in the coming months!


First show will be Santa Fe Winter Market to be held at the historic and beautiful La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM on December 14,15,and 16!! Yes, a three day show and you can find more information on scheduled events at I have not recieved my actual booth assignment, but I will update that information before show time.


The second show is the Heard Guild Indian Fair which is held in Pheonix, AZ at the Heard museum. The dates for this exciting event are March 2-3 2019!! I'm very excited about participating in another prestigious show!! Once I recieve the booth assignment I will update the information for this show prior to show time.

Save the dates and if you can come by to see me I would enjoy cahtting with you!


Its been a while since I've updated you all on what was what! During Indian Market this year I was awarded a special award!! It is the Sera Fina Tafoya memorial award for best in traditional Santa Clara pueblo pottery (under 10")!!!!! How wonderful is that?!?!?!?! It was unexpected, but I am so humbled to have recieved the award. It tells me I'm doing some good work! 

I took a week off work and am back in the studio creating new works, not quicly haha, but I'm back to work. I'm looking forward to the upcoming fall and winter shows and I will keep you all in the loop on where I will be showing! If any of you have Facebook, I can be followed there as well. 

I currently have 2 larger pieces that I took into our local state fair for competition, a first for me. I figured it would be a good place to show off some work...I sure hope I'm right?! If the pieces don't sell, I will be posting them up here after the 17th of September. 

Take care and be well!

Hi there,

I haven't updated my website and i do apologize for it seeming to have been abandoned! It wasn't. My last updated blog, I had said that 2018 was going to be a great year, it started offto be the worst nightmare...On January 3, we unepectedly lost my younger brother, it was so unexpected, sudden and, completely devestating. I really didn't feel like working for many months.

I have gotten back to work and I can say I am surviving his loss. I never thought I would! While I am creating again, I feel slow haha but I guess all good things come in time? Life is continuing and I have been accepted into the Santa Fe Indian Market in August, that has been my main focus lately. I also have been working on completeing orders. So, place  your orders now haha!

I will try not to be such a stranger as the summer months smile down on us! Have a wonderful day!

Hi everyone,

I just want to share an upcoming show, its a last minute update here, but I have been busy preparing. On November 25th, I will be attending the Lightning Boy Foundation 1st Annual art show in Santa Fe, NM. The show will be held at La Fonda Hotel from 9am-5pm. If you're in the area over the Thanksgiving holiday, take some time and stop in to meet many great artists and do some shopping!


It has been a little while since I shared new information! It has been an exciting past few months, in August I recieved a first place on a piece I entered in the Santa Fe Indian Market. From there it seems I have been in a whirlwind of excitement! Meeting new people, making new connections, renewing previous connections...whew!


I am pleased to announce I will be participating in the Santa Fe Winter Indian Market on December 16-17 in Santa Fe, NM. Winter market is held at La Fonda Hotel, and is currently running a promotion for hotel stays and show access, check out SWAIA's website for all that info.

There may be another show closer to Thanksgiving, I will update that information if I get confirmation.


Thats all the info I can think of for now, haha, Take care and thank you for your continuous support!