Hello all,

I hope you all are well and staying safe during these crazy times! I am pleased to announce I will be participating in the upcoming Heard museum Guild Show in March. Save the dates of March 5-7 2021 and check in to the website to see new works! I will be attemting to enter for the juried competition as well, wish me luck!


As always, stay safe and remain vigilant in your sanitizing habits. I want to be able to see you all at the next IN PERSON show haha



Hello all, 

I hope this message finds everyone doing well and staying as safe as possible during these crazy times. 
A bit of news to share, sadly, I wil share that we lost my grandma Madeline Naranjo (Sr.) on November 3, 2020. she lived a very long life, to the age of 104! My grandma began potting about the age of 14, and her introduction into the clay world was from her aunt who would ask her to help her work on pots. My grandma had told me, she would give me pots and say "my child, help me and put designs on these" my grandma said she would say she was afraid haha that what if she didn't put a good design! Her aunt would laugh and tell her to try and that whatever she put would be good.  From there she continued on with potting, and created a career from it that help support her family. She retired from her pottery at age 98, and only because she would say the clay made her cold and she would fall asleep during the polishing process haha. When I would take my work up to her house, on days that I would "grandma sit" she would tell me stories of her lifetime experience creating, and how she wished she could still make pottery. Because of her work, she 
helped inspire me to continue on her legacy.  It has been rough moving forward, from the loss. I am trying, and have found some comfort in resuming my work with the mother Clay. I know my grandma is still by my side as I work, encouraging me from the great beyond! 

I am a participant in the virtual Indian market this year, pots are coming along, slowly. Keep checking in, as I anticipate the first pieces to launch this coming week ( December 1 or 2) and as they are done they will be available, I wont have much, to end the year with. Grab them while you can haha.




Hi everyone!
If anyone is interested in utilizing technology to take a better look at pottery that is available on the website, or wants to meet either myself or Xavian, we are scheduleing zoom meetings!

Please email through the "contact Madeline" tab, include a date from August 17-August 30, pick a time from  10am-7pm MST for Madeline and for Xavian August 17-30 weekdays only and from 4:30pm-5:30pm MST. I will send you a link that will connect us! 

This year Indian Market is being done a bit different, and we have adapted and prepared as best as we can. My grandson and I will be showing right from this platform! it's exciting to see my grandson take on the challenge of pottery, all of us are so proud of him! 
Since the show lasts an entire month, I will be adding new work as itis completed. Xavian has all available work showing now. Keep checking back to see what's new! Happy August!

Hi all,

Its been a while! I have a exciting announcement, Xavian (my grandson) and I will be participating in the Virtual Indian Market which will be held from August 1-31... yes it's a show that goes on and on! Haha Xavian will have his own tab/link here on the web page and I'll have my own. There will be a link through SWAIAs website which is swaia.org and then you will search for my name. Or just come directly here! One August 1st I will have some art work available and from that intitial date I will add pots as they are completed until I am sold out. I'm working like a busy bee! If you come across this and have questions, please email me.
I hope this finds you staying safe and doing as well as possible!
See you all in virtual land! 

Greetings all,

It has been a long streach of of time since I shared any information! The shows in December we such great experiences, I enjoyed my time out in Washington DC. It was very different from my home area of the southwest, bt my family and I embraced every moment out there and visited as many sites as possible!

We returned home, and a couple of days later I demonstrated at my good friend Mert's gallery Pottery of the Southwest, I had the chance to meet some fun and interesting people there. Onward I pushed and completed the year with the Santa Fe Indian Winter Market, which was also a wonderful show to end 2019 with. At each show/event I had the chance to meet and talk with new customers/collectors.

On to 2020, the year has started with all of its usual hustle and bustle here in my home "studio" and it seems that I have hardly had time to slow down and smell the juniper! Haha Those of you with allergies won't laugh at that (sorry) I recently received my acceptance letter into the Santa Fe Indian market, I will be a happy and proud participant! I have a few other shows in mind that I am planning to apply for as the applications become availabl, I'll do my best to keep the website updated with the upcoming shows and events. I July I have a demonstration set at Lyn Fox gallery in Santa Fe NM...and many other fun things up my sleeves! 
Until next time, and as always I thank you and appreciate everyone who supports me and my clay babies! Happy Spring... or is it?

The next few months will be exciting here at MN studio! In December I will be traveling to Washington DC for the National Museum of the American Indian- Art Market!!  About 35 artist are selected to participate in DC or New York, I was selected for DC and am beyond excited (and a little nervous). This show will be the first show outside of my local region, and I am embracing the opportunity to see a new place, and meet new people!!! If you're in the area the show will be held at the NMAI in the national mall of December 7-8 10-5:30.


On December 13, 2019 I will be demonstrating at Pottery of the southwest from 11-2. This gallery is located at 223-A Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM. This fun event is hosted by my friend Mert Kenyon, I hope if you're in the area you will take a few minutes to stop by and watch me do my thing! LOL


On December 14-15 I will be participating the the Santa Fe Indian Winter Market, located at historic La Fonda hotel. I will be located in 103 Mezzanine with times TBA.

I hope if you are in any of the areas you will be able to some out to see me!?!?!? I look forward to seeing you in DC or Santa Fe!

Back in April I was asked if I could be portrayed by a student as a well known New Mexico person, The student was to share information about me in a living wax museum!


I have never thought of myself in that way, but I was very honored to have been asked and portrayed. The young lady who portrayed me began by asking me a set of questions and getting to know me a bit. May is said to bring flowers, but this time it brought showday! When visitors came up to any student they shared a brief tidbit of information about their person. Some big name/reknowned personalities represented were folks like author Rudolfo Anaya, Singer Demi Lovato, Po'Pay the religous leader from Ohkay Owingeh and part of the Pueblo Revolt, infamous Billy the Kid and Pat Garret just to name a few, you can see why I was so honored!? Those people are wayyyyy famous haha. It was a fun day, and something I will never forget!